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The fragrant porcelain flowers in Vung Tau

06/06/2023 - 14:00

The first rains of summer are also the time when porcelain flowers are in full bloom. Under the bright yellow sunshine, fragrant porcelain flowers blossom to create the unique beauty of the coastal city of Vung Tau.

In the season of porcelain flowers, Bach Dinh is a must-see check-in point for visitors.

Porcelain flowers in Vung Tau City are planted a lot in the coastal roads of Tran Phu, Quang Trung, Ha Long, the city's revolutionary traditional house, in ancient temples, Bai Truoc park, Lighthouse or statue of God. Kito. But the Bach Dinh cultural and historical relic site is home to many porcelain flowers and leaves a great impression on locals and tourists.

The typical beauty of Bach Dinh when the season of porcelain flowers comes.

The whole relic is surrounded by a forest of porcelain flowers. Standing on the mountainside, looking around, you can clearly see the thick porcelain flower, the road winding along the mountainside and the coast. In the blooming season, branches, leaves and flower buds are in full bloom, in harmony with the ancient architectural works, making the landscape here become unique, majestic, solemn, showing an ancient beauty. Therefore, Bach Dinh with its hundred-year-old porcelain flowers is a tourist attraction.

Front Beach, Vung Tau seen from Bach Dinh historical site.

Porcelain flowers are very easy to fall off. The sudden gentle breeze also caused the petals of porcelain flowers to spread all over the place. The color of the white and light yellow flowers combined with the sky background fits neatly between the green leaves, falling on the roads people pass by. Then, when they left, each person always remembered a very familiar flower season of Vung Tau.


News and Photos: HOÀNG BÁCH