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Steamed rolled pancake - A delight to one’s sense of smell and taste

11/05/2023 - 15:00

Early in the morning, in a small street of Vung Tau, Cao Bang steamed rolled pancake (Bánh cuốn) (22A8, Ngo Quyen Street) open to welcome customers. The restaurant is small but always busy. The steamed rolled pancake here are not pre-coated, how many customers order, the owner has just started to make the cake. That's why the bowl of steamed rolled pancake is always hot.

Cao Bang hot rolls attract many diners to Ms. Hoa's shop to enjoy.

Cao Bang roll cake is loved by many people because roll cake is not served with fish sauce and fried onions like in other regions, instead, it is eaten with pork bone broth.

The layer in roll cake is filled with meat filling and a bowl of pork bone broth is a poached egg, or smashed into the hot cake on the rice paper, the cooked cake wraps the egg and then puts it in a bowl of hot soup so it's not fishy. The same piece of pork sausage mixed with the chili flavor of pickled bamboo shoots, is a specialty of Cao Bang - enhancing the taste of the highlands. In addition, Cao Bang roll cake is also known as 'Bánh cuốn canh'.

Sitting by the fire, the owner is Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Hoa (born in 1986) with quick hands like a true artist. After being scooped out, the coated powder spreads a layer of meat inside and rolls it out onto a plate. Hoa revealed that this pot of broth did a great job, through several selections, simmering bones on a charcoal stove for ten hours. The broth served to diners must be clear, not greasy, good taste. This sweetness comes from the bones and no addition of any spices.

Phuong Hoa sits and rolls hot Cao Bang rolls.

Mrs. Hoa and her husband are from Cao Bang and have opened Cao Bang roll cake shop for more than 10 years in Vung Tau. This is also a family heirloom for 3 generations. Weekends are busier than weekdays. She works continuously. Every day, she grinds from 10 to 12 kg of flour, equivalent to more than 300 servings of rolls.

Hoa's restaurant is a dining address for tourists and Cao Bang people far from home. Ms. Tran Thi Hue in Vung Tau City shared that she has known this restaurant for more than 5 years, her family often comes here for breakfast, especially on weekends. The rolls here are very tasty for us. The hot roll cake served with pork bone broth has a sweet taste from the bone broth, the greasy from the cake filling with the spicy taste of salted bamboo shoots is very delicious.

Ms. Hoa added: 'This cake is not made by any type of rice, but it must be plain rice of Cao Bang land to create a delicious cake dough, the cake will be white, thin, chewy and smooth thanks to its smell. More specifically, that rice must be grown in fields with lots of water, not dry, otherwise the cake will not be soft and delicious. Thereofe, I always ask my family to transport rice from Cao Bang to here.'

If you have not had the opportunity to visit Cao Bang, diners can enjoy this famous and impressive dish in Vung Tau -