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Experience 'slow living' with ceramic craft

20/05/2023 - 14:00

In the heart of the bustling coastal tourist city of Vung Tau, there is a pottery class (117/12, Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street), attracting a large number of young people to experience.

Hand-made pottery is a very interesting experience.

Although the classroom space is a bit tight, the atmosphere here is very open, there are many trees, flowers as well as the classic layout like attracting tourists.

At the long wooden table, 5 people are passionately and attentively their own handmade ceramic products. Some people sit at the turntable and carefully stroke the glass to make it round, others meticulously carve each pattern of flowers, leaves, and inscriptions on the plate. Surely there are no busy and hurried works here, but only nature, clay, turntables, paintbrushes and muddy hands with funny stories.

How to shape ceramic on the turntable, freeform, and mold are all basic steps to make a handmade ceramic product. In the classroom, tools and materials are prepared, participants only need to come and follow the instructions.

Looking at Ms. Tran Thi Hanh, who founded the pottery class, instructing on lightly polishing to create a round cup seems very simple, but to keep the layer of soil round before shaping and doing all the steps requires the meticulousness. Following the step-by-step instructions to make the product, although the first work may not be beautiful, the color is not even, it is not perfect, but that imperfection is made with all the care and enthusiasm of the makers.

Hanh said: 'Learning to make pottery is not too difficult, just a little care, a little patience and ingenuity of hands, everyone can completely create a ceramic product of their own.' .

Making a pottery cup while recording a video on Tiktok, Ms. Tran Anh Trang (owner of Bistro Nine restaurant on Truong Vinh Ky Street, Vung Tau City) said: 'It was interesting when I first joined the class, so I want to record a video of this process to introduce to my friends not only in Vietnam but also abroad, if you have the opportunity to come to Vung Tau and if you like, come here to experience. I love making a product with my own hands and also love the soul of soil, so I came to here and enjoyed the moments of relaxation, peace and comfort.'

With a few hours enjoying the 'slow living', meticulously working with ceramic soil is an experience that helps participants in the pottery class release the stress of work, temporarily forget the fast pace of life in the city to have fun moments on the weekends.

News and Photos: HẠNH DUYÊN